😁What makes you smile?😄

Yo Fox!

What makes you smile? 

..Sneakers? Yes! But how did you get em? 

Every now and then, the community hooks us up with a missing peace to our own puzzles.

Which brought me to think, what does it do for us in the purest form ? 

I arrived at how it puts a (: on our faces . 

Today i’m gonna show you guys what the community hooked me up with. (:

Deadstock 1985 Dunk Hi – Syracuse

I got this DS pair from @scottrenus a while ago, and haven’t seen one in this condition since. 

He is like my BTTYS Dunk brother.

We have traded pairs and helped each other with missing pieces since. He just completed his 

final boss Dunk Lo and has reached ‘BTTYS Thanos’ status!! Congrats! One of my fav collections ever !

1985 Air Jordan – Metallic Red

I traded this pair with @curatedvan and it has become part of my collection display which could 

someday be archived into a catalog zine and/or NFT.

Tye is vital to the community. He tirelessly hunts down vintage and is one of the best in the game. 

I have mad respect for his hustle at such a young age and am so excited for his future!!

1985 Air Jordan 1 – Natural Grey

I bought this pair from @tommy.tdg a while ago and it still blows my mind how pristine the condition is.
At a glance, my eyes still tell me that these are retros. Big smiles on these (:
1988 Big Nike Low –  White Blue

I got this pair of Big Nikes from @midcenturysole a few months back, and was amazed that the heels

did not crack at all! I later found out that it was produced in the Philippines and in a later year. The heels 
are made with a different leather than the Korean made ones and knowing that they won’t crack definitely puts a (: on my face.

1985 Air Jordan 1 – Black Royal

I bought this pair from @indyjumpman a while ago as an upgrade for my other pair which went to @mercurymfg.

In the end all of us were (:

I swear sometimes I feel that @indyjumpman has a real time machine.

These are in such good condition! Then again, I would expect nothing less from him.

Handmade “85” Air Jordan 1 – “Chyellow”

Had this pair of Fictional 85s made by @mercurymfg based on a pair of Chicago’s that I photoshopped that stirred some emotions online… and now they real.

We went on to start collaborating on other builds and recently dropped some Blacktoes with black tongues.

Handmade “85” Air Jordan 1 – “OMEGA”

Had this pair of Unicorn 85’s made by @maxio6 that I’m still over the moon about. I’d only ever seen them in Boon magazine over a decade ago and this is prob the closest I will get to having them. I contributed measurements  to Max to create the build patterns and this is the result.

All smiles over here (:

Hope to drop them someday so it ain’t just me smiling. In the meantime..

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