2 years of Secret Site

2 years! So much to say..!

It felt like 5 years that went by in 2 months if you know what I mean?

The world is moving at such a fast pace now, I can hardly breathe!

There are so many releases these days that all the new ones distract me from even remembering what I wanted a few weeks ago…

One of my escapes is to 
take a mental breather and time travel back to the 80’s to relax as there was no internet then.

You can also do that on instagram by visiting accounts like
@xxretro_firexx and @thepastparticiple

So on my last time trip I was able to gather a few gems for you guys to enjoy…
How about 2 pairs of Deadstock XI’s? (OG all)

Ok and how about a FULL SET of 1985 Dunks? I don’t think anyone has done it before.

Or these (and many more)…

Oh and here’s an experimental sample drop dedicated to all the BAD employees out there. We know there aren’t many of you out there so we mean it when we say that only a handful of these samples will be available on this SS drop.

And yes. We know you’ve been waiting for the UNC collection to drop. Not gonna lie, we’re still sorting out the logistics on these and will let you know as soon as they can drop!

Trust us, we are just as pumped as you! 
In the meantime, enjoy this weeks secret site!

“V” Forever

“V” is “Forever”

Words cannot describe how much of an impact the late Virgil made in our culture today. 

His influence stretches far beyond product design. Personally, “V” has influenced me the most in “Thought”. 
And I feel way closer to being like “V” than I ever have been like Mike. 

“V” took time to give nods to the community, something that we all felt he didn’t have to do, but he did anyway. 

He sent DMs to artists whose works he found interesting, left likes, comments and even shout-outs. These small gestures transcended his formiddable design status with their simple conection. It was almost like a passing of the torch. 

We never wanna forget him. We felt compelled to pick up a small part where he had left off. 

We researched countless pictures of his “Handwritten Helvetica” notes, broke apart the alphabets individually, and pieced them together as a font as a tribute to him as a fellow artist and human.

Then we wondered: What would the laces on your pair of Off-Whites look like when they become “Vintage” ? 

The “Forever” fade-away laces are our take on the concept of a “Future Archive”. 
3% Rule.

Our intention was to immortalise “V”s design commandment: tweak something iconic by 3% and it becomes new and interesting.
So we took the lace colours from his initial ‘The 10’ debut collection and replaced the iconic “SHOELACES” with “FOREVER”.

In the vast ocean of Off white-inspired custom sneakers, we picked our favorite design by none other than community homie, @Mask72_works.

This is a low version referenced and inspired by “V”s hand cut AJ1 high samples as seen from the book, ‘Something’s OFF’. 

This special custom will come in a customized Fox box with the lid cut up to reveal a “CONTENTS” board displaying the cut up materials from the original shoe itself.

Something’s OFF AJ1 low by @Mask72_works
10 Slots limited US$949
Pre-order – 8 weeks delivery.
Raffle to purchase.
Any purchase from the “Forever” collection will serve as a Raffle ticket. 

Foxtrot x Thinking Different “BAD APPLE”

It’s been half a year since the success of our first collab with Thinking Different.
(For those of you who just joined us, we welcome you to the community!)

 That whole collab began as a conversation with fellow lifestyle brand, Thinking Different, about vintage Apple brand culture.
We started to play with the iconic old Rainbow Spectrum theme, resulting in the collaboration between both brands.

That was when we dropped our fictional version of the Apple Employee Sneaker from the 80s:
They were never released to the public but we kinda hacked our way into it using Reebok Club C’s as the base shoe.

We even made a pair of fictional Dunk Hi’s:

Recently as we were cleaning out our closet, we found an old black Macbook from the early 2000’s and it sparked off an idea of a black…no…BAD Apple project.
The Macbook miraculously worked and we were able to sendThinking Different an email:
They got it immediately and there was not much discussion before we started conceptualising again.
Aside from the Bad Club C’s and Bad Dunk hi’s, we are expanding the capsule this time with  Bad tees, (printed on our original fade-away tee body, in both long and short sleeves)
Fade-away laces & new Bad socks.
So question is, are you a Bad Apple?

Fictional Archives – Metallic Big Nikes

Inspired by the elusive Metallic Jordan 1 series.

The Neo-Vintage Metallic Big Nikes are a Fictional Archives capsule collection, inspired by the elusive metallic Jordan 1 series:

Featuring the ‘DOME’ Logo:

As seen on 80s Nike Basketball shoes like the Terminator and Big Nike. 

Worn by legends like Patrick Ewing, Len Bias and Charles Barkley.

Each pair features custom “cracked” metallic panels fully loaded with our original Bones grommets, matching Fox P.E tongue label, lightly aged exterior, and fade-away laces on aged Big Nikes.

😁What makes you smile?😄

Yo Fox!

What makes you smile? 

..Sneakers? Yes! But how did you get em? 

Every now and then, the community hooks us up with a missing peace to our own puzzles.

Which brought me to think, what does it do for us in the purest form ? 

I arrived at how it puts a (: on our faces . 

Today i’m gonna show you guys what the community hooked me up with. (:

Deadstock 1985 Dunk Hi – Syracuse

I got this DS pair from @scottrenus a while ago, and haven’t seen one in this condition since. 

He is like my BTTYS Dunk brother.

We have traded pairs and helped each other with missing pieces since. He just completed his 

final boss Dunk Lo and has reached ‘BTTYS Thanos’ status!! Congrats! One of my fav collections ever !

1985 Air Jordan – Metallic Red

I traded this pair with @curatedvan and it has become part of my collection display which could 

someday be archived into a catalog zine and/or NFT.

Tye is vital to the community. He tirelessly hunts down vintage and is one of the best in the game. 

I have mad respect for his hustle at such a young age and am so excited for his future!!

1985 Air Jordan 1 – Natural Grey

I bought this pair from @tommy.tdg a while ago and it still blows my mind how pristine the condition is.
At a glance, my eyes still tell me that these are retros. Big smiles on these (:
1988 Big Nike Low –  White Blue

I got this pair of Big Nikes from @midcenturysole a few months back, and was amazed that the heels

did not crack at all! I later found out that it was produced in the Philippines and in a later year. The heels 
are made with a different leather than the Korean made ones and knowing that they won’t crack definitely puts a (: on my face.

1985 Air Jordan 1 – Black Royal

I bought this pair from @indyjumpman a while ago as an upgrade for my other pair which went to @mercurymfg.

In the end all of us were (:

I swear sometimes I feel that @indyjumpman has a real time machine.

These are in such good condition! Then again, I would expect nothing less from him.

Handmade “85” Air Jordan 1 – “Chyellow”

Had this pair of Fictional 85s made by @mercurymfg based on a pair of Chicago’s that I photoshopped that stirred some emotions online… and now they real.

We went on to start collaborating on other builds and recently dropped some Blacktoes with black tongues.

Handmade “85” Air Jordan 1 – “OMEGA”

Had this pair of Unicorn 85’s made by @maxio6 that I’m still over the moon about. I’d only ever seen them in Boon magazine over a decade ago and this is prob the closest I will get to having them. I contributed measurements  to Max to create the build patterns and this is the result.

All smiles over here (:

Hope to drop them someday so it ain’t just me smiling. In the meantime..

What would you call the Wild Cats in Black?

What do we think of when we talk about a Black Cat? 

Some say they symbolise good luck and some say bad. 

Black cats are also somewhat of an icon.

But did you know that Jordan was also once nicknamed the Black Cat?

It was used to describe the way he moved on the court: Smooth, stealth-like, and ready to strike at any time!

But today we are gonna talk about our on-going journey in creating our Fictional Archive history.

Our fascination for the world of the Kentucky Wildcats hasn’t died down.

In fact, it feels like we’re only starting to scratch the surface! 

The Wildcats Dunk project has sparked many great conversations. We feel that it’s created positive connectivity all over the world, from Greece, to Tokyo and NYC, and many more. 

We feel extremely blessed that this project got co-signed by the legendary Poggy @poggytheman when he featured them on Hypebeast JP TV.

They’re also part of his wardrobe now

We had a great conversation with ‘Digital Thrifter’ @goodbirger, theorising that the DUNK model was offered to Kentucky first, and the rest is history. He also dug up so much info and history about them.

Read our interview with @goodbirger here: 

Special shoutout as well to Fox Fam @mask72_works for helping to digitise the vintage PE tongue label.

@Vickalmighty showed us mad love too 🙂

And it blows our minds that our friend @maxio6 had spotted the late and great Virgil on the streets wearing them just before he passed.

Rest in Power Verg…

With all these good vibes and inspo, we feel that we cant stop now. 

We imagined an alternate universe, one where the Wildcats would go to a special game and be dressed in ALL BLACK. 

Oh and ONE more thing! 

As you guys were busy swapping laces and giving your shoes that Fox treatment, we’ve been secretly developing something we think y’all gonna love!

Presenting you our very own Original Neo-vintage FADE-AWAY Tee

They have single stitched hems, chain stitched shoulders and come in a modern boxy fit. 

And we feel there’s no better way than to debut them as limited edition ” Wildcat Wear “!!

They were Nike Dunk Pro B before SB’s

Let’s talk about the pre-SB era, before Nike skateboarding became a whole division within the brand:

Nike was lowkey coming up with some modified Dunks that moved away from the old skool, 2-tone college colorways, injecting more colors and materials to them. 

One of the key elements was the fat tongue: 

I remember it being quite disruptive, in how it sorta lead the culture into 2 different camps (very much like our neo-vintage wave now). 

The ones who liked it started stuffing the tongues with sponge, and the ones who didn’t “aborted” their pregnant tongues. 

In case you want to hear more, here is a YouTube Video explaining the evolution of the Dunk:

The most ‘mention worthy’ pieces to me were the Alphanumeric pairs that were limited SMU’s (Special Make-Ups) :

They were all labeled ‘Dunk Pro’ or ‘Pro B’.

Again, this was before Nike SB became a thing and they all locked in on using the Oval or SB laces.

I was having a conversation with @kooklooka about a pair of Putty dunks he was selling. The laces caught my attention more than the shoes… 

I noticed that they were wider and were little gaps between the laces which gave off a really cool vibe to the sneaker. 

There were a few pairs that came with these laces:

The Putty’s, the Smurfs, & the Ross’s, to name a few.

We had to start sampling them of course… 

Let’s call them ‘Pro B’ laces, shall we? 

I actually like them a lil more than regular SB laces, but you be the judge. 

Available in Cream, Khaki and Cement.

Accidental Solution to your Neo-Vintage Jordan 1s

At the start when we began Foxtrot Uniform, our very first products were our shoelaces. Designed to our specifications with a 100 Thread weave, they are an exact replica of the 1985 laces that came with original vintage Jordans.

Once we nailed the weave, we made 2 versions: the first was the faded Royal because we were fascinated by how they faded and revealed a purple undertone after 35 years. 

We decided to name it the ‘Fade-away’ for that reason, but also because Michael Jordan’s signature move on the court was known as the ‘Fade away’!

The other shoelace version was Solid Cream. 

Why cream? 

Because after years of collecting genuine vintage sneakers, we noticed something all of their shoelaces had in common: what were once fresh white laces had all faded over the years into a natural cream colour. 

We saw that although many people loved the vintage look, obtaining a pair of OG 85s is neither easily attainable or affordable.

Soon we realised we were sitting on an entire library made up of our collection of vintage sneakers, that we could reference as real-life case studies. 

That library was our foundation for what we now know as the world of Neo-Vintage customization. 

(Fun fact: We started getting tons of DMs in the exact words: “Yo Fox! Got any cream laces?” 
No kidding, those DMs were how we arrived at our “Yo Fox!” slogan.)

We then started to analyze a pair of vintage Jordans and made a list of characteristics that gave it a “vintage” look. Right on the top of that list was the oxidized midsole. 

We suddenly remembered a past project of developing an ink that was meant to dye the canvas uppers of a pair of Chuck Taylors: we had accidentally spilled some onto the midsoles and the ink just refused to clean off completely. 

That accident that became an original solution in the world of Neo-vintage customs. Eureka! We connected the dots and invented the worlds first neo-vintage “Cream Stainer”.

The rest is history. We went down the list and invented more of the worlds first neo-vintage sneaker markers based on the following characteristics of natural vintage sneakers:

– Chalky edges

– Dusty Scuffs

– Glue Stains

With our goal of democratizing the customizing process, we produced all of them the form of easy to use Neo-vintage Markers. 

I feel that defining moments in sneaker history are when subcultures form, because collective consciousness is a powerful thing.

Even naturally faded jeans weren’t celebrated till the vintage jeans look became a huge thing in the early 90’s. Prior to that, you had to just wear them for years to slowly break them in over time.

Not everyone gets the neo-vintage sneaker movement yet, but our Fox comunity have all shown up for it. 

Do you realize that makes you an early adopter?

Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Original Product Manufacturing

What’s the Objective, when putting a product out to the world? 

The words, ‘Changing the Game’ often comes into mind. Then comes the, ‘How?’

Originality is vital of course, and the reason for a product’s existence.

Since the late & great Virgil came up with the 50/50 Dunks, we’ve been cracking our heads on how to contribute to the #offwhitedunkedit landscape, with something that Virgil would hopefully be proud of. 

Funny enough, we actually have a stack of catalogs from our factory lying around, with hundreds of ready-to-order product options. But since we started our brand, we have ordered NONE. 

Because we develop all our products from the ground up: from conceptualising, to designing and prototyping, to the many rounds of sampling required, in order to release original products that we’re proud of.

Of course, we’ve seen many different copycat versions of most of our products since we started releasing them. Just know that nothing we put out ever came from a factory catalog, so if you see something ‘familiar’ somewhere else….

What can we say, except: “If You Know, You Know.”


In the course of this “UV” journey, it also took us to some music. 

Our favorites are, 

Sunshine of my life by Blue Mink
Everybody loves the Sunshine by Roy Ayers
Sun is Shining by Bob Marley

And since then, we’ve had people from all over the world send us their UV videos. Keep them coming and we be happy to repost them!

In the meantime…

Shop the UV laces on our site!

What if laces Bled?

Yo Fox Fam!
“How to elevate our culture?”, has always been the question we ask ourselves as a brand. 
Within our attempts to democratize neo-vintage custom culture, our roots have always been heavily influenced by skate culture.

The Fox fam had previously requested for the Fade-away Oval SB laces which we delivered on, but we couldn’t help but feel there was still more to explore with SB laces.
And so we kept asking: “How can we change the landscape of this realm?”

“What can we do thats never been done before?”…

I often go to sleep thinking about Virgil’s approach, and asked myself,

“How can I make a 10% twist to the SB laces to make them more interesting?”

“What if they ripped in an aesthetically pleasing way?”

My mind then flashed to that defining moment in sneaker history when Geof Mcfetridge dropped his Vandals with a tear away element: 

I remember being so impressed by them that it’s been locked in my mind since the release in 2003.

So I put 2 and 2 together, and got this:

…And what if they ‘Bled’? 

I think they gonna look something like this!

even inspired me to throw in a logo inspired by the 1986 movie, ‘Thrashin’. 

Introducing another Original Fox product: the GRIPRIP lace. 

Skate them and let ’em rip, or cut and reveal at the areas you want to. 

A Foxtrot Uniform original concept design. 

Shop the GRIPRIP Laces on our site: