2 years of Secret Site

2 years! So much to say..!

It felt like 5 years that went by in 2 months if you know what I mean?

The world is moving at such a fast pace now, I can hardly breathe!

There are so many releases these days that all the new ones distract me from even remembering what I wanted a few weeks ago…

One of my escapes is to 
take a mental breather and time travel back to the 80’s to relax as there was no internet then.

You can also do that on instagram by visiting accounts like
@xxretro_firexx and @thepastparticiple

So on my last time trip I was able to gather a few gems for you guys to enjoy…
How about 2 pairs of Deadstock XI’s? (OG all)

Ok and how about a FULL SET of 1985 Dunks? I don’t think anyone has done it before.

Or these (and many more)…

Oh and here’s an experimental sample drop dedicated to all the BAD employees out there. We know there aren’t many of you out there so we mean it when we say that only a handful of these samples will be available on this SS drop.

And yes. We know you’ve been waiting for the UNC collection to drop. Not gonna lie, we’re still sorting out the logistics on these and will let you know as soon as they can drop!

Trust us, we are just as pumped as you! 
In the meantime, enjoy this weeks secret site!

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