“V” Forever

“V” is “Forever”

Words cannot describe how much of an impact the late Virgil made in our culture today. 

His influence stretches far beyond product design. Personally, “V” has influenced me the most in “Thought”. 
And I feel way closer to being like “V” than I ever have been like Mike. 

“V” took time to give nods to the community, something that we all felt he didn’t have to do, but he did anyway. 

He sent DMs to artists whose works he found interesting, left likes, comments and even shout-outs. These small gestures transcended his formiddable design status with their simple conection. It was almost like a passing of the torch. 

We never wanna forget him. We felt compelled to pick up a small part where he had left off. 

We researched countless pictures of his “Handwritten Helvetica” notes, broke apart the alphabets individually, and pieced them together as a font as a tribute to him as a fellow artist and human.

Then we wondered: What would the laces on your pair of Off-Whites look like when they become “Vintage” ? 

The “Forever” fade-away laces are our take on the concept of a “Future Archive”. 
3% Rule.

Our intention was to immortalise “V”s design commandment: tweak something iconic by 3% and it becomes new and interesting.
So we took the lace colours from his initial ‘The 10’ debut collection and replaced the iconic “SHOELACES” with “FOREVER”.

In the vast ocean of Off white-inspired custom sneakers, we picked our favorite design by none other than community homie, @Mask72_works.

This is a low version referenced and inspired by “V”s hand cut AJ1 high samples as seen from the book, ‘Something’s OFF’. 

This special custom will come in a customized Fox box with the lid cut up to reveal a “CONTENTS” board displaying the cut up materials from the original shoe itself.

Something’s OFF AJ1 low by @Mask72_works
10 Slots limited US$949
Pre-order – 8 weeks delivery.
Raffle to purchase.
Any purchase from the “Forever” collection will serve as a Raffle ticket. 

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