Foxtrot x Thinking Different “BAD APPLE”

It’s been half a year since the success of our first collab with Thinking Different.
(For those of you who just joined us, we welcome you to the community!)

 That whole collab began as a conversation with fellow lifestyle brand, Thinking Different, about vintage Apple brand culture.
We started to play with the iconic old Rainbow Spectrum theme, resulting in the collaboration between both brands.

That was when we dropped our fictional version of the Apple Employee Sneaker from the 80s:
They were never released to the public but we kinda hacked our way into it using Reebok Club C’s as the base shoe.

We even made a pair of fictional Dunk Hi’s:

Recently as we were cleaning out our closet, we found an old black Macbook from the early 2000’s and it sparked off an idea of a black…no…BAD Apple project.
The Macbook miraculously worked and we were able to sendThinking Different an email:
They got it immediately and there was not much discussion before we started conceptualising again.
Aside from the Bad Club C’s and Bad Dunk hi’s, we are expanding the capsule this time with  Bad tees, (printed on our original fade-away tee body, in both long and short sleeves)
Fade-away laces & new Bad socks.
So question is, are you a Bad Apple?

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