What would you call the Wild Cats in Black?

What do we think of when we talk about a Black Cat? 

Some say they symbolise good luck and some say bad. 

Black cats are also somewhat of an icon.

But did you know that Jordan was also once nicknamed the Black Cat?

It was used to describe the way he moved on the court: Smooth, stealth-like, and ready to strike at any time!

But today we are gonna talk about our on-going journey in creating our Fictional Archive history.

Our fascination for the world of the Kentucky Wildcats hasn’t died down.

In fact, it feels like we’re only starting to scratch the surface! 

The Wildcats Dunk project has sparked many great conversations. We feel that it’s created positive connectivity all over the world, from Greece, to Tokyo and NYC, and many more. 

We feel extremely blessed that this project got co-signed by the legendary Poggy @poggytheman when he featured them on Hypebeast JP TV.

They’re also part of his wardrobe now

We had a great conversation with ‘Digital Thrifter’ @goodbirger, theorising that the DUNK model was offered to Kentucky first, and the rest is history. He also dug up so much info and history about them.

Read our interview with @goodbirger here: 

Special shoutout as well to Fox Fam @mask72_works for helping to digitise the vintage PE tongue label.

@Vickalmighty showed us mad love too 🙂

And it blows our minds that our friend @maxio6 had spotted the late and great Virgil on the streets wearing them just before he passed.

Rest in Power Verg…

With all these good vibes and inspo, we feel that we cant stop now. 

We imagined an alternate universe, one where the Wildcats would go to a special game and be dressed in ALL BLACK. 

Oh and ONE more thing! 

As you guys were busy swapping laces and giving your shoes that Fox treatment, we’ve been secretly developing something we think y’all gonna love!

Presenting you our very own Original Neo-vintage FADE-AWAY Tee

They have single stitched hems, chain stitched shoulders and come in a modern boxy fit. 

And we feel there’s no better way than to debut them as limited edition ” Wildcat Wear “!!

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