They were Nike Dunk Pro B before SB’s

Let’s talk about the pre-SB era, before Nike skateboarding became a whole division within the brand:

Nike was lowkey coming up with some modified Dunks that moved away from the old skool, 2-tone college colorways, injecting more colors and materials to them. 

One of the key elements was the fat tongue: 

I remember it being quite disruptive, in how it sorta lead the culture into 2 different camps (very much like our neo-vintage wave now). 

The ones who liked it started stuffing the tongues with sponge, and the ones who didn’t “aborted” their pregnant tongues. 

In case you want to hear more, here is a YouTube Video explaining the evolution of the Dunk:

The most ‘mention worthy’ pieces to me were the Alphanumeric pairs that were limited SMU’s (Special Make-Ups) :

They were all labeled ‘Dunk Pro’ or ‘Pro B’.

Again, this was before Nike SB became a thing and they all locked in on using the Oval or SB laces.

I was having a conversation with @kooklooka about a pair of Putty dunks he was selling. The laces caught my attention more than the shoes… 

I noticed that they were wider and were little gaps between the laces which gave off a really cool vibe to the sneaker. 

There were a few pairs that came with these laces:

The Putty’s, the Smurfs, & the Ross’s, to name a few.

We had to start sampling them of course… 

Let’s call them ‘Pro B’ laces, shall we? 

I actually like them a lil more than regular SB laces, but you be the judge. 

Available in Cream, Khaki and Cement.

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