Accidental Solution to your Neo-Vintage Jordan 1s

At the start when we began Foxtrot Uniform, our very first products were our shoelaces. Designed to our specifications with a 100 Thread weave, they are an exact replica of the 1985 laces that came with original vintage Jordans.

Once we nailed the weave, we made 2 versions: the first was the faded Royal because we were fascinated by how they faded and revealed a purple undertone after 35 years. 

We decided to name it the ‘Fade-away’ for that reason, but also because Michael Jordan’s signature move on the court was known as the ‘Fade away’!

The other shoelace version was Solid Cream. 

Why cream? 

Because after years of collecting genuine vintage sneakers, we noticed something all of their shoelaces had in common: what were once fresh white laces had all faded over the years into a natural cream colour. 

We saw that although many people loved the vintage look, obtaining a pair of OG 85s is neither easily attainable or affordable.

Soon we realised we were sitting on an entire library made up of our collection of vintage sneakers, that we could reference as real-life case studies. 

That library was our foundation for what we now know as the world of Neo-Vintage customization. 

(Fun fact: We started getting tons of DMs in the exact words: “Yo Fox! Got any cream laces?” 
No kidding, those DMs were how we arrived at our “Yo Fox!” slogan.)

We then started to analyze a pair of vintage Jordans and made a list of characteristics that gave it a “vintage” look. Right on the top of that list was the oxidized midsole. 

We suddenly remembered a past project of developing an ink that was meant to dye the canvas uppers of a pair of Chuck Taylors: we had accidentally spilled some onto the midsoles and the ink just refused to clean off completely. 

That accident that became an original solution in the world of Neo-vintage customs. Eureka! We connected the dots and invented the worlds first neo-vintage “Cream Stainer”.

The rest is history. We went down the list and invented more of the worlds first neo-vintage sneaker markers based on the following characteristics of natural vintage sneakers:

– Chalky edges

– Dusty Scuffs

– Glue Stains

With our goal of democratizing the customizing process, we produced all of them the form of easy to use Neo-vintage Markers. 

I feel that defining moments in sneaker history are when subcultures form, because collective consciousness is a powerful thing.

Even naturally faded jeans weren’t celebrated till the vintage jeans look became a huge thing in the early 90’s. Prior to that, you had to just wear them for years to slowly break them in over time.

Not everyone gets the neo-vintage sneaker movement yet, but our Fox comunity have all shown up for it. 

Do you realize that makes you an early adopter?

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