Everybody Loves the Sunshine

Original Product Manufacturing

What’s the Objective, when putting a product out to the world? 

The words, ‘Changing the Game’ often comes into mind. Then comes the, ‘How?’

Originality is vital of course, and the reason for a product’s existence.

Since the late & great Virgil came up with the 50/50 Dunks, we’ve been cracking our heads on how to contribute to the #offwhitedunkedit landscape, with something that Virgil would hopefully be proud of. 

Funny enough, we actually have a stack of catalogs from our factory lying around, with hundreds of ready-to-order product options. But since we started our brand, we have ordered NONE. 

Because we develop all our products from the ground up: from conceptualising, to designing and prototyping, to the many rounds of sampling required, in order to release original products that we’re proud of.

Of course, we’ve seen many different copycat versions of most of our products since we started releasing them. Just know that nothing we put out ever came from a factory catalog, so if you see something ‘familiar’ somewhere else….

What can we say, except: “If You Know, You Know.”


In the course of this “UV” journey, it also took us to some music. 

Our favorites are, 

Sunshine of my life by Blue Mink
Everybody loves the Sunshine by Roy Ayers
Sun is Shining by Bob Marley

And since then, we’ve had people from all over the world send us their UV videos. Keep them coming and we be happy to repost them!

In the meantime…

Shop the UV laces on our site!

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