What if laces Bled?

Yo Fox Fam!
“How to elevate our culture?”, has always been the question we ask ourselves as a brand. 
Within our attempts to democratize neo-vintage custom culture, our roots have always been heavily influenced by skate culture.

The Fox fam had previously requested for the Fade-away Oval SB laces which we delivered on, but we couldn’t help but feel there was still more to explore with SB laces.
And so we kept asking: “How can we change the landscape of this realm?”

“What can we do thats never been done before?”…

I often go to sleep thinking about Virgil’s approach, and asked myself,

“How can I make a 10% twist to the SB laces to make them more interesting?”

“What if they ripped in an aesthetically pleasing way?”

My mind then flashed to that defining moment in sneaker history when Geof Mcfetridge dropped his Vandals with a tear away element: 

I remember being so impressed by them that it’s been locked in my mind since the release in 2003.

So I put 2 and 2 together, and got this:

…And what if they ‘Bled’? 

I think they gonna look something like this!

even inspired me to throw in a logo inspired by the 1986 movie, ‘Thrashin’. 

Introducing another Original Fox product: the GRIPRIP lace. 

Skate them and let ’em rip, or cut and reveal at the areas you want to. 

A Foxtrot Uniform original concept design. 

Shop the GRIPRIP Laces on our site:


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